Over 3 lakh people screened under Kanti Velugu in Telangana

The simple act of a vision check is set to provide untold benefits to lakhs of people in the State, literally changing their lives, as the Kanti Velugu eye camps pick up pace across Telangana. Launched on August 15, a total of 3,23,956 people have been screened for all types of vision and eye related problems till Monday evening. Of these, 35,721 people have been given spectacles for vision correction, 51,030 have been referred for further check ups while cataract surgeries have been prescribed and are being scheduled for 48.088 people.

Interviews with a cross section of people who had their eyes checked paints a picture of a positive change in quality of life, thanks to the government providing eye glasses for vision correction in addition to referring people who need to undergo surgeries such as for removal cataracts to hospitals. While many people have said that they can suddenly see better after receiving spectacles, many others have welcomed the government’s move in also ensuring that they get the required surgeries free of cost.